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Rose  by Patches2741 Rose :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 4 0 OC (Colored) by Patches2741 OC (Colored) :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 3 0 Lil SeaNanners by Patches2741 Lil SeaNanners :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 2 5
Life Clocks-Part 1
Life Clocks are government protocol. They have become a way of life. Some people have tried to deny this way of life, but the government made sure they had a good reason to follow their rules. You knew better than to disobey the law, especially after what happened to your neighbors. You had neighbors in your apartment, but they were very against the government’s ways. They began protesting and revolting, but they soon disappeared. They were never heard from again.
It has been two years since the Life Clock protocol had been enforced, but people are still adjusting. It’s scary to some people to know the exact time in which you will die. Suicide and depression rates have gone up. More and more people are needing therapy to help control their overall fear of their own death. You got yours when you were four years old. Your parents hated the idea, but with the government enforcing it, they obeyed.
You don’t remember much, but you do remember the doctors giving you anesthe
:iconpatches2741:Patches2741 2 5
Luv You!!! by Patches2741 Luv You!!! :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 5 0 Happy Birthday DA!!! by Patches2741 Happy Birthday DA!!! :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 1 0 Too Short... by Patches2741 Too Short... :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 3 6 Escape by Patches2741 Escape :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 3 4 Congratulations JackSepticeye!!! by Patches2741 Congratulations JackSepticeye!!! :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 4 1
Tony Stark x Reader (Pranks)
You sat up quickly when Tony came down the stairs to the lab you were currently sitting in.  
“Tony! Get your intelligent butt over here and help me with this trigonometry.” You yell at him.  
“Aww, is little (y/n) having trouble with their homework?” Tony teases, walking over.  
“Shut up and help me.” You say. You lean on your elbow on the table watch him look over
your homework.
“You somehow got almost all the answers wrong…” Tony says, putting it back down on the
“WHAT? I triple checked my answers!!” You say, grabbing the sheet. Out of the corner of
your eye, you can see his lips curling upwards. You turn to him and squint at him. He slightly smirks
in return. You glare at him silently.  
“Alright, fine, you got me, all your answers are right, just make sure you have the right units.”
Tony laughs, pointing to a problem and walking towards a mini bar. You write in the answe
:iconpatches2741:Patches2741 5 31
Squad and Bets by Patches2741 Squad and Bets :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 3 23 Dan and Phil!!! by Patches2741 Dan and Phil!!! :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 2 0
Believe in the Future
Take a breath.
Count to ten.
It isn’t the end.
In fact, it’s a new beginning.
End of something new.
Something better.
When life throws a situation you can’t change at you,
You must change yourself.
You have to stand tall,
We can face it together,
When it all crumbles,
When the days are dark,
And when worlds collide,
You have to reach inside yourself.
Find your spark of light.
It may seem dim but you can make it bright.
Find the willpower to continue.
And if you’re sure that you can no longer go on,
I will help you.
We will help you.
I love you.
We love you.
Earlier, I said it’s an end to a beginning.
Well this is your chance.
Your chance at a new start.
A fresh start.
You can do it.
Just breath.
You can do it.
Believe in yourself.
:iconpatches2741:Patches2741 2 0
Ode to TwinkeyGulpy by Patches2741 Ode to TwinkeyGulpy :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 3 6
Under the Weather (MigClaw Fic)
“ACHOO!” Claw sneezed for what felt like the one billionth time. Miguel handed her another box of kleenex. She nods a thanks and blows her nose. A cold had been going around. First Ellie and had it, then Twinkey, then Rose and now her. Miguel looked at her with a look of a sad puppy. Luckily the kids were being babysat by Twinkey and Ellie and Rose. That gave Claw and Miguel time to relax. Miguel perked up for a second.
   “I have an idea! Be right back, don’t get more sick!” Miguel runs out of the room. Claw only smiles and blows her nose again. He comes back a few seconds later and shows her a videogame. She shakes her head.
   “Sorry Miguel, but I just can’t today.” Claw says. Miguel tries not to look disappointed and goes to put it back. Claw lowers her ears to show she’s sorry. Miguel doesn’t really notice as he’s busy coming in carrying a huge stack of books. Claw can’t help but laugh as i
:iconpatches2741:Patches2741 3 10
H20 Delirious fanart! by Patches2741 H20 Delirious fanart! :iconpatches2741:Patches2741 3 0


Doctor Strange - Fan Art 4 by AndromedaDualitas Doctor Strange - Fan Art 4 :iconandromedadualitas:AndromedaDualitas 118 19 Cumbersmaug Costume Design by Brilcrist Cumbersmaug Costume Design :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 3,770 160 20 Art Style Challenge + PROCESS by Konoira 20 Art Style Challenge + PROCESS :iconkonoira:Konoira 3,129 161 Space Cat by CaptainTorozu Space Cat :iconcaptaintorozu:CaptainTorozu 1 0 Geometric Alca by CaptainTorozu Geometric Alca :iconcaptaintorozu:CaptainTorozu 1 0 My First Three Glass Beads by fantasygirl157 My First Three Glass Beads :iconfantasygirl157:fantasygirl157 1 0 BATIM Chapter 2 by Z-T00N BATIM Chapter 2 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 3,943 0 Twinkey 2017 by PiritarisT Twinkey 2017 :iconpiritarist:PiritarisT 6 2 MadCry : Riley by TwinkeyGulpy MadCry : Riley :icontwinkeygulpy:TwinkeyGulpy 7 2 KnT - 132 by Z-T00N KnT - 132 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 6,506 0 KnT - 131 by Z-T00N KnT - 131 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 4,870 458 Bendy and Boris by Z-T00N Bendy and Boris :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 4,484 0 two dimensional silhouette by ZombiDJ two dimensional silhouette :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 767 25 Personal Luggage by ZombiDJ Personal Luggage :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 609 31 Heroes Returned : Chapter One Page One by TwinkeyGulpy Heroes Returned : Chapter One Page One :icontwinkeygulpy:TwinkeyGulpy 7 4 No thanks Satan by ZombiDJ No thanks Satan :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 568 35



I'm back and super proud of this one. For those who don't know, this is Rose, a friend of mine. Hope you like! :) Thanks as always!
OC (Colored)
Hey everyone! I made some art I think you guys will hopefully like. Also, I actually used color with this on!!! Usually I keep it black and white, but decided to try out some colors. I have more I'll post soon. :) Thanks everyone!


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United States
Yeah, so welcome to my life. Um, to start off, I only usually write fan fictions. But I do a little tiny bit of art once in a while. So yeah, let the journey begin. :D



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